[CentOS] Not Quite Minimal CentOS 6.2

Tue Apr 24 23:22:17 UTC 2012
listmail <listmail at entertech.com>

Hi All,

I a working on configuring a not-quite minimal installation of CentOS 6.2. I
tried doing the "minimal" installation available with the installer, but it's
a bit too minimal to be useful. So I'm cutting down from a less minimal
starting place. I'm pretty familiar with 5.x, but what I'm finding in 6.2 is a
lot of new stuff, and a lot of odd behavior. For example, cups is starting at
boot time, despite being disabled by chkconfig. And I'm finding things like
qpidd, matahari, messagebus, and portreserve that really don't belong in a
minimal setup.

To clarify, I'm shooting for a simple config, like one would use for a
dedicated DNS server.

Can anyone point me to an up-to-date list of daemon processes that indicates
what they do and whether they can be safely disabled? Also, any ideas as to
what would be launching cups would be appreciated.