[CentOS] yum yum or not?

Thu Apr 26 14:49:21 UTC 2012
Shaun <centos at stinkfish.org>

Hi all,

I'm a bit of a newbie to CentOS though not Linux in general. I come from
an apt-get package management mentality and I've had a few issues where
package management actions haven't quite done what I'd expect. So I'm
guessing it's user error! :)

I installed GNOME and then decided that I wanted to install Xfce to try
it out. I decided to then remove it with just 'yum remove' after playing
with it a bit.  It seemed to uninstall a lot of GNOME stuff (presumably
that they had in common) and so the next time I tried to use GNOME it
looked different and was missing a few components.  Should I have just
reverted the install of Xfce to undo it so that those dependencies
would've have been touched or is this just how yum works?