[CentOS] Help with software raid + LVM on Centos 6

Fri Apr 27 14:52:16 UTC 2012
aurfalien <aurfalien at gmail.com>

Hi all,

Please excuse the many posts.

Wondering if any one can help me with the the setup.

I have 2x2TBdisks.
I would like to mirror them.
I would like to create two LVMs so that I can snap shot from one to the other.

During Centos 6 install, how would I go about this as its confusing?

So far I am here;

1) Created the following raid devices;
md0 500MB (use it for /boot)
md1 4000MB (use it for swap)
md2 All remaining space (use it for /)

2) Created two physical LVMs, one on md0, the other on md1.

3) ?
This is were I am confused, do I create two LVM volume groups?

I was thinking that my primary LVM can be ~1TB and that my other LVM which I snapshot to can also be ~1TB.

Anyways, I am very green on this topic as I usually do hardware raids but I don't have that option.

Thanks in advance,
- aurf