[CentOS] How to trigger automount of USB drives in Centos6

Wed Aug 1 05:49:03 UTC 2012
Emmanuel Noobadmin <centos.admin at gmail.com>

In brief: Is there is anyway to trigger the same automount mechanism,
that X appears to use, on unmounted USB drives that are already

I've got a C6 server with default desktop GUI installed for the sake
of the onsite admin. There is a bash script I wrote that runs every
night checking for specific folders on any drive and dumps data into

To ensure fs integrity, I do an unmount in the script when it's done
in case anybody simply yanks the drive out without doing the proper

Now due to that, I would need to remount the drive when the script
runs if it wasn't unplugged and replugged to trigger the automount.

Problem is, it is not certain that the same drive will be used so I
cannot simply hard code a line that just do a mount -t ntfs-3g
/dev/sde1 /media/backup. I cannot assume it would always be say
/dev/sde1 or /dev/sdf2 as that depends on how many drives are
connected before that and how was that particular drive partitioned.

The inbuilt auto mount mechanism also appears to use different
mountpoints for different USB drives (based on drive label?) and so
the best way for me is to force all USB drives to be remounted, and
scan through the /media folder as that is where the automount mounts
the partitions.

I could try to mount all drives found in /proc/partitions but that
seems very dangerous since the list includes md partitions and array

So the question is whether there is anyway to trigger the same
automount mechanism, that X appears to use, on any unmounted USB

Trying resources I found online, It doesn't seem to be autofs or
gnome-mount mechanism as neither of these are installed on the server.
Both automount and gnome-mount command not found.