[CentOS] iscsi storage, LACP or Multipathing | Migration or rebuild?

Wed Aug 15 11:38:48 UTC 2012
Götz Reinicke <goetz.reinicke at filmakademie.de>


I do have one iscsi storage with 4 GBit nics of which currently only one
is configured with an ip and which is in productive use by one cent os
6.3 server.

Doing some research brought me to the idea to use some nic bonding or
multipathing for that storage, but multipathing I did about four or five
years ago only once :)

Furthormore I can't find the ultimate answer (may be there is not such)
what will be better for us:

bonding or multipathing.

The storage is used for backup; it's connected to an backupserver which
pulls data from different servers ... may be at the same time or one
after an other. The server uses two bonded nics to the LAN.

My question regarding the setup is, what might be good or better:
bonding or multipathing. We'd like to increase performance and nic
failover if one link breaks.

If multipathing is to be preferred, is it possible to preserve the data
currently saved on the storages ext4?

And googling shows up a lot of different how tos and the redhat doc; but
I din not found one describing a straight forward setup.

So thanks a lot for any suggestion or comments!

	Regards . Götz

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