[CentOS] KVM Setup for Win7 Pro on CentOS 5.x

Wed Aug 15 21:34:16 UTC 2012
Bill Campbell <centos at celestial.com>

Can somebody point me to a HowTO or other documentation describing the
tools available under the CentOS 5 KVM package to create and manage a
Windows 7 Pro VM?  All my VM experience to date has been the old free
VMware Server.

I need to:
   + Create the VM instance allowing for about 50GB total disk space which
     will be either a single image partitioned into two Windows 'Drives'
     for the OS and applications/data, or two images.

   + Install Windows 7 from an OEM System Builder Pack, either using the
     CD/DVD drive on the Linux server or from an image created with 'dd'
     from the Win7 media.

   + Set up network bridging on the private LAN so that the Windows system
     is accessible via OpenVPN connections from the outside world and by
     users on the LAN to run a client/server accounting application.


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