[CentOS] compare zfs xfs and jfs o

Sun Aug 5 10:35:12 UTC 2012
Joerg Schilling <Joerg.Schilling at fokus.fraunhofer.de>

Fernando Cassia <fcassia at gmail.com> wrote:

> "Possibly some.  Samba has been asking for streams support for a while,
> and if reiser4 leads the way in an implementation that does not break
> unix file semantics, jfs (and possibly other file systems) may follow."

Microsoft tried to advertize their "stream" concept to POSIX in summer 2001.

They failed because they used a userinterface that is in conflict with POSIX 
rules (e.g. by forbidding ':' to be a normal character in filenames or by 
trying to introduce a ew special directory "...").

In August 2001, Sun came up with the extended attribute file concept that is a 
superset of the Microsoft stream concept and in addition compatile to POSIX.

In August 2001, the implementation was only usable on UFS outside from Sun, but 
it was implemented in ZFS from the beginning.

Given the fact that the extended attribute file concept is part of the NFSv4 
standard, Linux should implement it in case it offers a full blown NFSv4. I am 
not sure whether this applies to Linux, as my last information say that support 
for NFSv4 ACLs is also missing on Linux. Note that NFSv4 ACLs are bitwise 
identical to NTFS ACLs and to ZFS ACLs.

But if you like to offer SMB exports, you should better use Solaris as Solaris 
comes with an in-kernel SMB server that supports all features from SMB. This 
includes support for atomar  ACL create support that can only be supported with 
an enhanced VFS interface. 


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