[CentOS] Latest sudo update for 5.8 breaks postgresql

Thu Aug 9 13:50:25 UTC 2012
Johnny Hughes <jhughes at hughesjr.com>

On 08/09/2012 05:21 AM, Leonard den Ottolander wrote:
> Hello,
> The latest update to sudo (sudo-1.7.2p1-14.el5_8.2) breaks postgresql.
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=846631
> It might break other services that rely on access to /etc/nsswitch.conf
> too. Assuming you have a "sudoers" line in /etc/nsswitch.conf that file
> will be recreated with incorrect file permissions.
> After having had issues with selinux permissions on that particular file
> in two previous updates, this time it's the regular file permissions
> that will break access to /etc/nsswitch.conf for at least postgresql.

This bug is also reported in the CentOS bugs database:


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