[CentOS] Strange device labeling in 6.3

Sun Aug 12 00:30:26 UTC 2012
Gordon Messmer <yinyang at eburg.com>

On 08/09/2012 11:31 AM, Scott Robbins wrote:
> It's another idea from Fedora, the theory, IIRC, was that this way,
> devices would always have the same name, whereas under the method
> that has been used device names could change on a reboot.

The idea actually came from Dell.  It's frequently described as a method 
to prevent the device name from changing during a reboot, but that was 
already in place.  What biosdevname does is make names *predictable* on 
Dell systems.  It shouldn't be enabled anywhere else.

As you stated, the documented method of turning the feature off is to 
add biosdevname=0 to the boot configuration (which means rebooting).