[CentOS] compare zfs xfs and jfs o

Mon Aug 13 17:54:46 UTC 2012
Dennis Clarke <dclarke at blastwave.org>

> > Comparison numbers are only valid of the tests run are the same. 
> >
> > So here is the UFS test once more without the compression and
> > with -no-fifo : 
> >
> > jupiter-sparc-SunOS5.10 # ptime /opt/schily/bin/star -x -xdir -xdot 
> -no-fifo -U file=../linux-3.5.1.tar
> > star: 46849 blocks + 0 bytes (total of 479733760 bytes = 468490.00k).
> >
> > real    27:44.237
> > user        2.031
> > sys        42.419
> >
> > Not a good result. 
> So try to think about the reasons..... star is definitely not the reason.
> The fact that you spend 10x the amount of expectes SYS CPU seems to 
> lead to a 
> problem on your system.
> Also the USER CPU time is 8x the expected amount. Did you run this 
> test in 
> _very_ old hardware?
> Jörg

It would be reasonable to think of a Sun Fire V480 as old hardware yes, but
not *very* old. I do have *very* old if you would like me to test there? 

The server runs fine, is patched up to date. The UFS filesystem that was 
used is actually the root filesystem and it is a metadevice mirror of
the two internal disks. 

jupiter-sparc-SunOS5.10 # metastat d0 
d0: Mirror
    Submirror 0: d10
      State: Okay         
    Submirror 1: d20
      State: Okay         
    Pass: 1
    Read option: geometric (-g)
    Write option: parallel (default)
    Size: 33560448 blocks (16 GB)

d10: Submirror of d0
    State: Okay         
    Size: 33560448 blocks (16 GB)
    Stripe 0:
        Device     Start Block  Dbase        State Reloc Hot Spare
        c1t0d0s0          0     No            Okay   Yes 

d20: Submirror of d0
    State: Okay         
    Size: 33560448 blocks (16 GB)
    Stripe 0:
        Device     Start Block  Dbase        State Reloc Hot Spare
        c1t1d0s0          0     No            Okay   Yes 

Device Relocation Information:
Device   Reloc  Device ID
c1t0d0   Yes    id1,ssd at n20000004cfb6f0ff
c1t1d0   Yes    id1,ssd at n20000004cfa10ec9

However I do also have : 

jupiter-sparc-SunOS5.10 # luxadm probe 
No Network Array enclosures found in /dev/es

Found Fibre Channel device(s):
  Node WWN:20000004cfb6f0ff  Device Type:Disk device
    Logical Path:/dev/rdsk/c1t0d0s2
  Node WWN:20000004cfa10ec9  Device Type:Disk device
    Logical Path:/dev/rdsk/c1t1d0s2
  Node WWN:20000018625de4c6  Device Type:Disk device
    Logical Path:/dev/rdsk/c2t16d0s2
  Node WWN:20000018625d599d  Device Type:Disk device
    Logical Path:/dev/rdsk/c2t17d0s2
  Node WWN:20000018625f11cb  Device Type:Disk device
    Logical Path:/dev/rdsk/c2t18d0s2
  Node WWN:500000e0148b6620  Device Type:Disk device
    Logical Path:/dev/rdsk/c2t19d0s2
  Node WWN:20000014c3a51579  Device Type:Disk device
    Logical Path:/dev/rdsk/c2t20d0s2
  Node WWN:20000018625fe1a2  Device Type:Disk device
    Logical Path:/dev/rdsk/c2t21d0s2
  Node WWN:20000014c3a8ee8b  Device Type:Disk device
    Logical Path:/dev/rdsk/c2t22d0s2
  Node WWN:20000018629c6c36  Device Type:Disk device
    Logical Path:/dev/rdsk/c5t0d0s2
  Node WWN:2000000c5042657d  Device Type:Disk device
    Logical Path:/dev/rdsk/c5t1d0s2
  Node WWN:20000018629c2baf  Device Type:Disk device
    Logical Path:/dev/rdsk/c5t2d0s2
  Node WWN:2000000087b10c29  Device Type:Disk device
    Logical Path:/dev/rdsk/c5t3d0s2
  Node WWN:20000018625dda0c  Device Type:Disk device
    Logical Path:/dev/rdsk/c5t4d0s2
  Node WWN:500000e010f28870  Device Type:Disk device
    Logical Path:/dev/rdsk/c5t5d0s2
  Node WWN:20000018625dfa91  Device Type:Disk device
    Logical Path:/dev/rdsk/c5t6d0s2

Since I have a pile of fibre disks I can perhaps isolate one of
them and test with UFS on a single disk. 

This one may do fine : 

jupiter-sparc-SunOS5.10 # luxadm display 2000000087b10c29
DEVICE PROPERTIES for disk: 2000000087b10c29
  Status(Port B):       O.K.
  Vendor:               HITACHI 
  Product ID:           HUS1030FASUN300G
  WWN(Node):            2000000087b10c29
  WWN(Port B):          2200000087b10c29
  Revision:             2A08
  Serial Num:           49VXAJNS          55VAXAJNSA
  Unformatted capacity: 286102.281 MBytes
  Write Cache:          Enabled
  Read Cache:           Enabled
    Minimum prefetch:   0x0
    Maximum prefetch:   0xffff
  Device Type:          Disk device
  /devices/pci at 8,600000/pci at 2/SUNW,qlc at 4/fp at 0,0/ssd at w2200000087b10c29,0:c,raw

I can try to isolate that and use it with UFS but no hurry, I have other
things to do also.