[CentOS] Eth1 problem on CentOS-6.3

Mon Aug 13 18:50:01 UTC 2012
James B. Byrne <byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca>

On Mon, August 13, 2012 10:37, Ned Slider wrote:

> Faulty hardware maybe? Try a reboot and see if it reappears. If it's
> located on a card try reseating the card (although I suspect this is
> an integrated NIC on the motherboard?).
> The chipset is not necessarily the same in the second example
> (different revision); RTL8111/8168B is not RTL8168d/8111d. They
> probably do use the same driver but I'd need to see the
> Vendor:Device ID pairing to know for sure.

Eth1 is an xpci card sold by StarTech.  A system with an identical
card reports this:

for BUSID in $(/sbin/lspci | awk '{ IGNORECASE=1 } /net/ { print $1
}'); do /sbin/lspci -s $BUSID -m; /sbin/lspci -s $BUSID -n; done

00:19.0 "Ethernet controller" "Intel Corporation" "82567V-2 Gigabit
Network Connection" "Intel Corporation" "Device 0028"
00:19.0 0200: 8086:10ce

01:00.0 "Ethernet controller" "Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd."
"RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller" -r03 "Realtek
Semiconductor Co., Ltd." "TEG-ECTX Gigabit PCI-E Adapter [Trendnet]"
01:00.0 0200: 10ec:8168 (rev 03)

04:04.0 "Serial controller" "NetMos Technology" "PCI 9835 Multi-I/O
Controller" -r01 -p02 "LSI Logic / Symbios Logic" "2S (16C550 UART)"
04:04.0 0700: 9710:9835 (rev 01)


The 4 port serial controller on the second host does not have an
equivalent card installed on the host that no longer recognizes eth1. 
The integrated NI is eth0 for both hosts and this i/f is integrated on
the Intel motherboard. The motherboards are the same model in both
hosts.  Both system are configured as KVM hosts.  Both are running

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