[CentOS] IPv6 on Centos 6

Mon Aug 13 19:00:33 UTC 2012
James Hogarth <james.hogarth at gmail.com>

> Love gratuitous changes to long standard toolsets... sigh...

It's not a recent change and is far from gratuitous....


Features such as traffic shaping, policy routing and multiple IPs on
an interface (not virtual interfaces) either are impossible with
net-tools or just don't work very well...

> Also love quality error messages "-101" is *sooo* informative ;-)
> But the last line should be the important one and shows the proper
> default route in place, though the even more important one is the route
> to the local net (2607:f678::/64) which also looks right.  It's not a
> routing issue, it's a neighbor discovery issue:
> <centos666.peak.org> [55] # ip neigh show
> 2607:f678::1 dev eth0  FAILED
> dev eth0 lladdr 00:26:88:f2:9e:80 REACHABLE

Are you allowing ICMPv6? I don't just mean echo and echo-reply (the
pings above) but most of the rest of it too?

IPv6 relies on ICMPv6 heavily for path MTU discovery, neighbour
discovery and a whole lot more...