[CentOS] tigervnc-server-module crashes after EL 6.3 update

Fri Aug 17 22:48:43 UTC 2012
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 08/17/2012 01:40 PM, Cal Webster wrote:
> On Thu, 2012-08-16 at 17:01 -0500, Johnny Hughes wrote:
>> On 08/16/2012 11:43 AM, Cal Webster wrote:
>>> On Wed, 2012-08-15 at 13:56 -0500, Johnny Hughes wrote:
>>>> On 08/15/2012 09:47 AM, Cal Webster wrote:
>>>>> On Tue, 2012-08-14 at 20:55 -0500, Johnny Hughes wrote:
>>>>>> On 08/14/2012 05:23 PM, Cal Webster wrote:
>>>>>>> We began experiencing failed vnc connections to the console display on
>>>>>>> servers that have been updated to EL 6.3. No such failures have occurred
>>>>>>> on similar connections to EL 6.2 servers.
>>>>>>> On the client machine a normal vncviewer display appears with the
>>>>>>> expected graphical login until the mouse pointer is moved within the
>>>>>>> boundaries of the vncviewer window. At this point the window closes and
>>>>>>> an error message appears in both a pop-up window and in the terminal
>>>>>>> window in which the session was initiated stating "read: Connection
>>>>>>> reset by peer (104)".
>>>>>>> On the server end, a core dump is generated and a abrt bug report is
>>>>>>> created.
>>>>>>> /var/log/messages
>>>>>>> ----------------------------------------------
>>>>>>> Aug 14 11:00:30 jato2 abrt[11411]: File '/usr/bin/Xorg' seems to be
>>>>>>> deleted
>>>>>>> Aug 14 11:00:30 jato2 abrt[11411]: Saved core dump of pid 7892
>>>>>>> (/usr/bin/Xorg) to /var/spool/abrt/ccpp-2012-08-14-11:00:30-7892
>>>>>>> (42041344 bytes)
>>>>>>> Aug 14 11:00:30 jato2 abrtd: Directory 'ccpp-2012-08-14-11:00:30-7892'
>>>>>>> creation detected
>>>>>>> ----------------------------------------------
>>>>>>> This bug has been reported in the CentOS bug tracker here:
>>>>>>> 0005824: tigervnc-server-module keep crashing
>>>>>>> http://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=5824
>>>>>>> However, this appears to be a bug upstream. The source RPM provided with
>>>>>>> CentOS is identical to that of upstream with no modifications. Also,
>>>>>>> there is an upstream bug reported that appears to have the same
>>>>>>> symptoms. I have added a comment to the upstream bug report (listed
>>>>>>> below) if anyone wishes to see the details.
>>>>>>> tigervnc-server-module crashes with dual screen setup
>>>>>>> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=820443
>>>>>>> We have verified that rebuilding the unmodified source RPM for tigervnc
>>>>>>> produces a tigervnc-server-module RPM that does not suffer from this
>>>>>>> bug.
>>>>>>> Removing the original tigervnc-server-module package and replacing it
>>>>>>> with the rebuilt one fixes the problem.
>>>>>>> I've duplicated the problem on 2 EL 6.3 x86_64 single-head display
>>>>>>> machines and have verified the fix.
>>>>>>> Tomorrow, I'll duplicate the problem on a dual-head x86_64 machine that
>>>>>>> currently still works after updating to EL 6.2 then confirm the the fix.
>>>>>> Did you rebuild the SRPM using mock or directly on a physical machine
>>>>>> with rpmbuild?
>>>>> No mock, just a simple "rpmbuild -ba SPEC/tigervnc.spec"
>>>> OK, if you find that this solves your problems for sure, I will build
>>>> the SRPM outside of mock and see if it is different.
>>> I've confirmed the same faulty behavior for the update to 6.3 on our
>>> dual-head systems.
>>> Also confirmed is that replacing the 6.3 base tigervnc-server-module rpm
>>> with the rebuilt one does fix the problem on the dual-head systems.
>>> One disturbing difference between single and dual headed systems is that
>>> on the dual-head systems Xorg generates a core dump and completely
>>> freezes up when the mouse movement is detected. Single-head systems just
>>> fail to connect. This complication could be somehow caused by our
>>> proprietary "ATI FirePro 2270" drivers, though. Once the rebuilt module
>>> is installed the systems run fine.
>>> I've also updated the upstream bug report.
>> can you see if either or both of these work for you:
>> http://people.centos.org/hughesjr/tigervnc/
>> One set was built inside of mock, the other outside of mock in a virtual
>> machine with only the build requirements of the SRPM installed.
> Both builds work without problems on single and dual-head systems here.
> As with all the other tests, I only replaced the tigervnc-server-module
> package on each host.
> I've also confirmed that i686 platforms suffer from the same bug. These
> too, however, are easily remedied by replacing the base
> tigervnc-server-module RPM with a locally re-build one.
> ./Cal

Thanks for testing. 

I will build a new version for release with an incremented version and
get you to test those before for release if you would do so for me.

Johnny Hughes

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