[CentOS] updatedb taking too long

Wed Aug 29 07:48:53 UTC 2012
Mogens Kjaer <mk at lemo.dk>

On 08/28/2012 05:47 PM, Tim Dunphy wrote:
>   For some reason mlocate is taking a long time when I run the updatedb
> command. Have a look!
> [root at beta:~] #time updatedb
> real    19m48.729s
> user    0m0.400s
> sys     0m2.728s


# time /etc/cron.daily/mlocate.cron

take the same amount of time? It calls updatedb with
a list of file systems to be skipped.

When updatedb is running, get the PID of the process, and
try to follow the files the process has opened by:

# ls -l /proc/PID/fd

Do this now and then when updatedb runs this might
give you an idea where in the file system it spends
most of the time.


Mogens Kjaer, mk at lemo.dk