[CentOS] NTOP alternatives?

Fri Aug 31 11:39:00 UTC 2012
Indunil Jayasooriya <indunil75 at gmail.com>

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> > I would like to know on which host should I install it on LAN?
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> My plan for today is to install darkstar on a separate physical host with
> dual nic's, and tell the switch to copy all traffic on the VLAN's that I
> wish to monitor to one port which will then be connected to one of the
> NIC's on the darkstar host. This feature is called "port mirroring" on
> ProCurve switches but most professional switches have similar features,
> although they might be called differently.
I think This is an URL for it. Where it shows with a picture.


The same thing for bandwidthd software.

Pls assume*, My Network Monitoring Server has *2 Ethernets and also I have
port mirroring capable switch.

if one Ethernet of Netwrok monitoring Sever connects to usual port in the
switch, Other LAN PCs also connects to the usual ports of the same switch .
Then, remaining Ethernet of the Monitoring Server should connect to a
mirrored port.

*Then, to which port , Should I connect my router ???

to a usual port or mirrored port of that same switch?

if Router should be connected to a mirrored port , We need 2 mirrored port
of the same switch..

Pls let me know since I would like to learn..

> > gateway Machine, proxy Server or any host on that LAN?
> >
> Alternatively, if you have a gateway machine that all traffic passes
> through, this would also be a good candidate unless traffic is so high that
> the additional load from darkstat impacts performance - or any bug in
> darkstat that just might interrupt regular operations.
IF my Gateway is running squid But NOT in transparent mode, just a usual
way with configurations of users' browsers,

Can I install darkstar or bandwidthd on that gateway box?

I really like to hear from you?

Thank you
Indunil Jayasooriya