[CentOS] centos 6.3 live-cd no internet connection

Sat Dec 1 09:04:41 UTC 2012
Johan Scheepers <johannes05 at vodamail.co.za>

On 30/11/2012 22:25, Sorin Srbu wrote:
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>> I am a pensionar and have lots of time. Experimenting with different
>> flavours of linux each on a external USB drive. Like  suse, mandriva,
>> debian, mint, debian-mint, ubuntu, fedora, magaia, bodhi, arch-linux,
>> centos.
>> Up to date only arch-linux and now centos refuse my internet
>> connection.
>> I appreciate your responses but if it can not be done, that is a pity,
>> then it is fine.
> It can be done, it 's just a matter of time and stubbornness. OTOH, you seem
> to have the time. ;-)
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> /Sorin
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Good day to Sorin and Earl,

Appreciate your participation.

Eventually got it installed on my older Fujitso/Siemenns laptop. The 
DVD1 did see the card but refused to activate. Yes I have the time but 
not the know-how to rewrite "bad" software. Centos software not as user 
friendly as I expected. Will now move on.

Now busy downloading Fedora 18 Beta. Yesterday got a Linux Mag with a 
DVD containing Mint 13 KDE, Bohdi 2, Pear 5. Saw on the mailing list 
that Debian wheezy Beta4 now available. Will download and test. Have 
plenty to keep me busy.

Thankyou for your time to let me have a look see.