[CentOS] XFCE4 group missing on Centos 5.x?

Mon Dec 3 20:28:03 UTC 2012
Keith Roberts <keith at karsites.net>

On Sun, 18 Nov 2012, Jake Shipton wrote:


> Hi,
> This may or may not be helpful, but I'll put this out there anyway just
> in case :-)
> In the CentOS 6 version of EPEL repository the group is
> called "Xfce" (Case Sensitive)
> so:
> yum groupinstall "Xfce"
> Should do the trick.
> If that doesn't work try "yum grouplist" and find a group related to
> XFCE. :-).
> Hope this helps.

Thanks for that answer Jake.

I think I've installed each seperate package for C5 now from 

I'll bear the above in mind when I upgrade to C6.

Kind Regards,



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