[CentOS] Setting up NTP server

Tue Dec 4 19:29:08 UTC 2012
Rajagopal Swaminathan <raju.rajsand at gmail.com>


Please treat this post with kid gloves as I am bit rusty of the late on
centos and last NTP server that I worked on was during centos 5.1 days.

I am going to have to install centos 6.3 in coming week in all windows

This box will be the tunning glpi and ocs-inventory.

I am planning to have two NICs: one facing the raw internet and other on a
Private LAN.

I want this box  (as NTP Client) to get time through NTP from raw internet
using ADSL.

I want this box to be the primary NTP server for the private LAN.

none of the packet should traverse pass from LAN to Internet or vice versa.
IOW, no routing should be there.

If it work perhaps at a future date, may be an instance of squid proxy.

I dont mind all the ports being open for the Private LAN or is that a bad

I am not sure if there is a DNS in this whole scenario

And yes all the windows boxens (few w2k3, XP) in the LAN would have to
synchronise time with this centos bo

Is it possible?

If so, how would typical config files for eth0, eth2, firewall(s) look like?