[CentOS] Samba server choices

Wed Dec 5 15:47:49 UTC 2012
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

I have been running a customized version Amahi for a couple years for my 
Samba server.  It is time for an upgrade, and I will be moving away from 
Amahi, as they have abandoned Fedora for Ubuntu.

Back when I selected Amahi to replace my 15 year old NT server, I looked 
around and only considered SME Server as an alternative, but they were 
still on Centos 4.7 with the Centos 5 based version still off in some 

So I am now looking around again.  My 'needs' are small:  NT style 
shares with mobile profiles.  I only have half a dozen XP systems here.  
I suppose at some point I will be adding Win7 systems.

So far I have two options:

Pull off the config files from my Amahi server:  Bind, DHCP, Samba, and 
probably MySQL.  I had customized things enough (and few of my 'bug' 
fixes made it back into the base) that I know what to pull out to make a 
viable server.

Go with SME Server 8.0 which was released back in May and is based on 
Centos 5.8.

So my question to all of you is, what other options are out there? A 
Win7 future kind of makes SME more attractive than rolling my own.  I 
would NOT be using SME for my mail server.  That will be in a separate post.