[CentOS] awk awk

Thu Dec 6 20:07:10 UTC 2012
Craig White <craig.white at ttiltd.com>

a little out of my comfort zone and have practically gotten what I want but awk seems determined to send a message via std error which is problematic and annoying. Basically trying to get a list of virtual host names from nginx config files like this:

$ awk -F" " '/./ { if ( match ( "^server_name$", $2 ) ) print $1 }' /opt/nginx/sites/*.conf \
 | grep -v server_name | grep -v ';' | grep -v '}'

and the list of virtual host names is perfect except that I get this line first...

awk: (FILENAME=/opt/nginx/sites/ids.conf FNR=55) fatal: Unmatched ( or \(: /($host/

and I can't seem to dismiss it and I definitely don't want it in my data scrape.

Anyone know how to prevent this? (yes, there are lines in the file that say 'if ($host = something) {'

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