[CentOS] Nautilus "Open With" difference with "Connect to server..." sftp

Fri Dec 7 20:06:50 UTC 2012
Rob Townley <rob.townley at gmail.com>

.PDFs on my local harddrive open by default with acroread Adobe Reader 9.
.PDFs on network shares open with evince Document Viewer.

Is there some way to force "Open With" to also use acroread for network
locations as well?

Here are the inconsistencies in the UI:
   When right clicking a local harddrive .PDF, top line in menu is "Open
with Adobe Reader 9"
   When right clicking a remote harddrive .PDF, top line in menu is "Open
with Document Viewer"

   When right clicking and choosing properties and choosing the "Open With"
tab, a .PDF file in both locations indicates "Adobe Reader 9."

gdm on CentOS 6.3 32bit with all latest updates.

AdobeReader_enu installed from Adobe repository:
Name        : AdobeReader_enu
Arch        : i486
Version     : 9.5.1
Release     : 1
Size        : 135 M
Repo        : installed
>From repo   : adobe-linux-i386