[CentOS] CONFIG_ARPD turned on in centosplus kernel.

Wed Dec 12 15:41:28 UTC 2012
Steve Clark <sclark at netwolves.com>

On 05/17/2012 03:13 PM, Akemi Yagi wrote:
> On Thu, May 17, 2012 at 11:33 AM, Steve Clark <sclark at netwolves.com> wrote:
>> On 05/05/2012 04:45 PM, Akemi Yagi wrote:
>> On Sat, May 5, 2012 at 12:40 PM, Steve Clark <sclark at netwolves.com> wrote:
>> http://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=5709
>> I actually took the latest centosplus kernel srpm and got it going in my
>> environment (would like to have
>> semi official support though  ;-)  ). It has been running stable for a
>> couple of weeks now.
>> I have 4 systems setup using it and opennhrp in a DMVPN hub and spoke
>> arrangement.
>> I have 2 hubs with each of the spokes connected to each of the hubs. The
>> spokes would be units in the field while
>> the hubs would be at HQ in a failover environment using OSPF amongst them
>> all.
>> I've updated the RFE you filed with some info. Will be nice if you
>> also add the above note in there.
>> Akemi
>> _______________________________________________
>> Thanks Akemi,
>> I am just preparing to test the new kernel.
> That's great. I closed the bug report thinking there would be no
> response. I will reopen it so that you can add your test result.
> Akemi
Hi Akemi,

I just downloaded the latest plus kernel and much to my chagrin CONFIG_ARPD is not set.
Is there a reason this has been turned back off? Opennhrp will not work correctly with it off.

# egrep ARPD config-2.6.32-279.14.1.el6.centos.plus.i686
# CONFIG_ARPD is not set
Wed Dec 12 10:38:56 EST 2012

# egrep ARPD config-2.6.32-220.17.1.el6.centos.plus.i686
Wed Dec 12 10:39:27 EST 2012


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