[CentOS] Waiting for CentOS to thaw....

Sun Dec 23 11:37:16 UTC 2012
Vlad K. <vlad at haronmedia.com>

Hello list,

I've put CentOS 6.3 x86_64 on my desktop, replacing Fedora 17 x86_64. 
This is the first time I'm using CentOS on a desktop, so far only on the 

The problem is with thawing from hibernation. Time from turning on the 
hibernated machine to reaching the login prompt is not that of an issue, 
although sometimes it can take a while (significantly more than with 
Fedora). The problem is after I log in. It appears that none of the 
running programs will have thawed until I click their tabs in the 
taskbar, when the disk crunching begin and the program is unresponsive 
for up to a minute or two until it loads up from disk I guess, 
regardless of how much I wait between login and clicking a tab int taskbar.

The biggest problem is with Firefox. I keep several tabs open and it 
takes literally minutes for it to become responsive. Even the terminal 
takes several seconds. During that time the window does not render 
except it's title bar and outer border.

This is on the very same hardware (btw, it's AMD Phenom II X2, 4GB of 
RAM) where Fedora was running just a few weeks ago.



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