[CentOS] Filesystem Hierarchy Standard respecting CentOS

Thu Dec 27 21:14:18 UTC 2012
James B. Byrne <byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca>

I am investigating using rpm to package one of our in house
applications.  This software started life as a sub-system within a
Ruby-on-Rails application but has now been extracted into its own
standalone package, none of which has any httpd access.

The local package under consideration will run as a set of cron jobs
under a designated userid.  There will be no user interaction.  A
remote database server will be updated but no data files will remain
on the installation host once they are processed.

I have read the subject document a couple of times and I am wondering
what people here with experience in these matters actually do.  The
FHS suggests to me that projects of the sort I am dealing with belong
entirely within the /opt/package_name/ tree with variable data stowed
in /var/opt/package_name or possibly /var/spool/package_name.

However, I have not yet found any application packages for CentOS-6
that actually do this.  I find some that go into /usr/package_name,
some into /usr/lib/package_name, many that install into /usr/libexec
and none that install into /usr/local, which I gather is reserved for
packaged built on the system rather than installed via rpm.

So, what is the actual practice with respect to packaging via rpm? 
Where do things go?

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