[CentOS] How to configure sendmail

Sun Dec 2 22:46:09 UTC 2012
Tilman Schmidt <t.schmidt at phoenixsoftware.de>

Am 02.12.2012 21:09, schrieb Eero Volotinen:
> 2012/12/2 Todd Cary <todd at aristesoftware.com>:
>> In reading my Linux Admin books and looking at the help files I
>> am confused about what entries to enter into sendmail.mc.  To
>> date I have not had to configure sendmail since I use a class in
>> PHP that is straight, however I am learning how to use Concrete5
>> for my local Rotary club and it apparently needs sendmail.
>> My smtp provider is smtp.sonic.net and it requires user name and
>> password.  Is there a simple example that could guide me on
>> setting the parameters in sendmail.mc?  I believe doing the
>> "make" after is straight forward.
> install postfix and read the docs. thanks.

Not a good advice for someone who already has some experience
with Sendmail but none with Postfix. He'll have to read docs
either way, but staying with Sendmail spares him the effort
of reinstallation (including probable breakage of his running
installation), and reading the docs of a familiar product
(Sendmail) is much easier than reading the docs of an
unfamiliar one (Postfix).

Note that I am saying nothing about the relative merits of
Postfix and Sendmail. But indiscriminately recommending to
someone who has a specific and easily solved problem with
product A to drop product A completely and use product B
instead is rarely good advice.


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