[CentOS] How to configure sendmail

Wed Dec 5 08:07:54 UTC 2012
Nikos Gatsis - Qbit <ngatsis at qbit.gr>

On 3/12/2012 2:00 μμ, centos-request at centos.org wrote:
> In reading my Linux Admin books and looking at the help files I
> am confused about what entries to enter into sendmail.mc.  To
> date I have not had to configure sendmail since I use a class in
> PHP that is straight, however I am learning how to use Concrete5
> for my local Rotary club and it apparently needs sendmail.
> My smtp provider is smtp.sonic.net and it requires user name and
> password.  Is there a simple example that could guide me on
> setting the parameters in sendmail.mc?  I believe doing the
> "make" after is straight forward.
> Todd

Very easy tutorial.


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