[CentOS] LVM2 Thin Provisioning: 6.3 vs 6.4 (lvm2, device-mapper-persistent-data, et al)

Wed Dec 5 20:12:49 UTC 2012
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 12/05/2012 01:58 PM, Charles Butterfield wrote:
> I've been running into some problems with LVM thin provisioning in
> CentOS 6.3.  Some of these I have reported to RH Bugzilla (e.g.
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=883629).  The  upshot seems
> to be that in RHEL 6.3 the features are "preview" but in 6.4 they are
> "full featured/robust"  (hopefully) and many of the bugs are fixed.
> This raises the following questions:
> 1) When will either CentOS 6.4 be available, OR selected features (e.g.
> thin provisioning fixes) of RHEL 6.4 be available in CentOS  6.3?

RHEL 6.4 has not been released yet ... They just released the Beta of
RHEL 6.4 this week.  Most Red Hat beta's last 2-3 months.  That would
mean that Red Hat will likely release RHEL 6.4 sometime in the
February-March 2013 time frame.

The CentOS team will take 1-3 weeks from that release time to release

> 2) Is there some way that I can help with the above?

Maybe. We (The CentOS Project) have a QA team that helps test our
releases before we make them public. We accept people into the team who
are either known to other members of the current team (and are
recommended by those members) or people who have some demonstrative open
source credentials with other projects and ask to be a member of the QA

> 3) Lastly, should I also file duplicate CentOS Bug Tracker
> (http://bugs.centos.org/view_all_bug_page.php) tickets on these items?

It can certainly help to track these on the CentOS Bugs site too, if you
add them, also add the upstream bug link.  This is not required by any
means, but if we have bugs there then we can include the fact that they
are fixed in the CentOS release notes later.

One thing to remember about the CentOS bug tracker ... all CentOS
support is Community driven, even answers to the bugs in the tracker. 
If you know the answer to a bug that is open or if you know that a bug
needs to be closed, please add comments to the site.  The bugs site is
only as good as the Community is in keeping it updated.

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