[CentOS] awk awk

Fri Dec 7 13:11:41 UTC 2012
mark <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

On 12/06/12 19:23, Steve Brooks wrote:
>> Why are you doing all that piping and grepping? And the -F" " confuses
>> me...oh, I see. First, whitespace is the default field separator in awk.
>> Then, are you asking if there's a line with a "." in it, or just any
>> non-whitespace? If the latter... mmm, I see, you *really* don't understand
>> awk.
> Ok Mark very nice of you to help Craig. He does not claim to be an expert
> in "awk" or even competent --->  Which is obviously why he is asking for
> help in the first place. No need for the sarcasm and to belittle the
> poster. Remember lots of people looking for help will be directed to this
> answer and your help could be much appreciated....
Steve, first of all, this would have been more appropriate to email me 
offlist, unless you intend to try to do to me what you accuse me of 
doing to Craig.

Which I didn't, nor was I being sarcastic or belittling.

	mark "awk hacker who doesn't get *NEAR* enough programming
		in these days"

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