[CentOS] yum install make does not work

Wed Dec 19 20:06:33 UTC 2012
Marcin Lage <marcin.lage at gmail.com>

I'm not sure, but maybe you have to set priorities among their repositories. I
have also configured repositories "rpmforge" and "EPEL" on my system, and to
avoid conflicts between packages from these repositories with packages from
default repositories, I install the "plugin priorities" - yum install yum
Then configure the files of repositories:
[rpmforge.repo] - priority = 1
[epel.repo] - priority = 2

Perhaps this lack of precedence between repositories, please discard the
search for yum package within the repository @ Base.Or you can try disabling
repositories: EPEL and rpmforge.

I'm sorry, my english is bad.

2012/12/19 John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

> On 12/19/2012 11:25 AM, Marcin Lage wrote:
> > *make.x86_64                         1:3.81-20.el6
> > @base*
> ooooh, man, gotta stop posting before coffee.   I was thinking 'base
> install', not 'base repository'.
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