[CentOS] Postfinger

Mon Dec 24 04:37:11 UTC 2012
me at tdiehl.org <me at tdiehl.org>

On Sun, 23 Dec 2012, Robert Moskowitz wrote:

> This is a utility for Postfix; a bit old, but in a couple of threads
> over on the postfix list on researching issues with my postfix questions
> it was suggested that I give postfinger a try.
> Does anyone have an rpm for it for Centos 6.3?

It is a simple but useful shell script. IIRC it was written by Simon Mudd.
He used to maintain various postfix rpms and included it with his rpms.

I do not think he is maintaining them any longer but according to Google,
postfinger is available at http://ftp.wl0.org/SOURCES/postfinger.


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