[CentOS] Samba vs. Firewall and/or SELinux

Thu Dec 27 15:26:59 UTC 2012
Ibrahim Yurtseven <arastirmacilar at aol.de>

Daniel J Walsh wrote:
> You did run restorecon on /data?  restorecon -R -v /data
No, only on /data/public

sh-4.1$ restorecon -R -v /data
restorecon:  unable to read directory /data

I configured my smb with this (german) tutorial: 

But i tried to configure a writeable access to guests, so i didn't add
a new user in samba and run chown to nobody:nobody instead of
root:users and chmod to ogu+rwx!

> Does it work in permissive mode?
Just tested with "enforcing". Should i switch to permissive mode?

Ibrahim "Arastirmacilar" Yurtseven