[CentOS] For what it is worth - Re: Where is timezone string stored?

Fri Dec 28 01:16:16 UTC 2012
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

On 12/27/2012 07:42 PM, Reindl Harald wrote:
> Am 28.12.2012 01:38, schrieb Robert Moskowitz:
>>> Roundcube isn't going to tell you to set the timezone in php.ini ... that's
>>> an admin's job to have already done.
>> I was not clear. It is quite apparent that Roundcube requires timezone
>> set in php.ini. This is an application requirement
> boah it is NOT an application requirement
> it is a BASIC requirment for any proper configured server
> with PHP >= 5.3.0, as said: if you refuse to understand
> basics of webserver-configuration please hire someone who does

When I saw that I needed PHP for this setup, I began researching how to 
limit php usage to the apps installed.  I have lots of reading on this.  
I know this is hard.  I do have access to resources to harden this php 

> with your "ignorance is a bliss"-attitude it is pretty clear that
> you are also missing and ignoring security basics as so many out
> there are doing while think the must setup their own server and
> the result are botnets attacking thrid parties

Ignorance is frustration.  I have been reading steadily since I started 
on this a month ago.  Just, it seems not dealing with the actual setup 
requirements.  So far, I will start with limiting web access to local 
systems only.  Remote systems will have to VPN in. This is only a start, 
I know there is more to do. If it was not for a couple users, I would 
not provide a webmail interface even with them having to VPN in.