[CentOS] Samba vs. Firewall and/or SELinux

Fri Dec 28 12:13:36 UTC 2012
Ibrahim Yurtseven <arastirmacilar at aol.de>

Daniel J Walsh wrote:
> Not a great idea since every user will be allowed to read/write/execute in
> this directory.
I ran chown with root:users for data public in recursive mode and added
nobody to the group users, but via samba created files will own by
nobody:nobody instead of nobody:users, so it is not allowed for my
local user to write and read the files added via samba. So I decided to
access rwx to all. what is the trick in the smb.conf that the files
will owned by the group "users"? I'm working with the parameter "create
mask = 777". I would rather work with 770 and the files should be owned
by the user "nobody" and the group "users".

> I would just check if it works in permissive mode then we can blame this on
> SELinux, if not, then it is not SELinux problem.
Works on permissive mode with activated firewall, but i changed
"security=share" to "security=user" in the smb.conf as well. So the
access to the samba-share works now on enforcing mode, too.  

Ibrahim "Arastirmacilar" Yurtseven