[CentOS] Live CD iso

Sat Dec 29 10:51:39 UTC 2012
Rob Kampen <rkampen at reaching-clients.com>

On 12/29/2012 11:08 PM, John R Pierce wrote:
> On 12/29/2012 1:54 AM, James Freer wrote:
>> I've got two spare PCs so i've never looked
>> at VM and certainly never had a PC capable of taking 16GB RAM. Current PC is
>> only about 18 months old so i think i need to shop more carefully next time.
> the new Intel Core i5 box I built last month can hold 32GB ram (4x8GB),
> I put 2x8GB in it.  CPU is a I5-3570k, motherboard is Z77 based.   16gb
> of fast high grade memory was like US$59
> my 2008 vintage Core2Duo box supported 8GB, that was plenty to run a
> 2-4GB VM as long as you aren't running /too/ much other stuff on the
> host OS concurrently.   When I bought it, I only put 4GB in it. after
> upgrading my desktop system to the i5,  I took the core2duo, put 8gb in
> it and set it up for my son (a college student), added a SSD as the main
> disk, and wow its fast now.
My most recent laptop, now 12 months old ( an ASUS i7 has 16 Gb of Ram, 
plus a 60Gb SSD for the OS) - I regularly run a VM with 2+Gb of Ram 
assigned, plus develop apps using MySql, php, apache and related systems 
and test these from the VM and the base CentOS 6.3 system under some 
load. As mentioned, RAM is cheap and the benefits of having it available 
are well utilised by CentOS and VMs.
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