[CentOS] Hi

Mon Dec 31 16:08:37 UTC 2012
Carl T. Miller <carl at carltm.com>

On 12/31/2012 10:14 AM, Derek Stewart wrote:
> Just joinedthe mailing list.
> I am new to Centos, anybody got any tips.

Hi Derek,

Welcome to the list.

My suggestion would be to install centos and start configuring it to
do everything you want it to do.  It might take some time, so you
might want to install it on another computer or on a virtual machine.

If you're running a 64 bit version of Linux on a computer with virtual-
ization support enabled, consider using KVM for a virtual environment.
Otherwise consider installing VirtualBox.  Either one will let you
create a VM for experimentation while you keep your main workstation
fully functional.

Also, check out the www.centos.org website.  The wiki and howtos are
very good.  If you have a nearby Linux Users Group, try to attend a
meeting and/or join their mailing list.