[CentOS] postfix - reject of incoming mail due to helo check??

Thu Feb 2 21:08:09 UTC 2012
Rob Kampen <rkampen at kampensonline.com>

On 02/03/2012 06:35 AM, Ned Slider wrote:
> On 02/02/12 15:44, Giles Coochey wrote:
>> On 2012-02-02 15:39, Ned Slider wrote:
>>> I would recommend removing reject_unknown_client from your
>>> smtpd_sender_restrictions.
I think this will allow the mail through - but when I look at my logs 
just in the last week we have over 5400 rejects due to unknown client 
and only 24 of these are from this client  - all the rest are junk.

My confusion is that a reverse lookup of the IP gives me the clients 
domain (dropping the mail(x) subdomain) thus I assumed it was the helo 
domain name - which does not have rDNS - that was causing the reject - 
maybe it was just a timing error.
Also, as I run bind - it may be a cache error and I need to leave it for 
24+ hours

Final question for the list - does anyone use "reject_unknown_client" - 
it has given me the most grief with legitimate clients that have poorly 
administered domains.
>> I would not recommend that, I would recommend you fix your DNS. If you
>> have a lot of mail throughput perhaps run a caching-DNS server or proxy
>> to improve performance and reduce timeouts.
we already run bind - the problem should not be temp timeouts. The 
domain with the problem is not under my control.
> What makes you think it's his DNS that is/was broken?
> But yes, a caching name server is almost obligatory for anyone running a
> mail server.
> There is a reason the default rejection code is 450 and that is because
> temporary failures in DNS lookups are not uncommon, otherwise it would
> be a permanent rejection. IMHO this setting is more likely to delay
> legitimate mail with temporary DNS issues, as is the case here, than it
> is to block spam. There are more reliable indicators of spam that are
> less likely to cause FPs than relying on a rDNS lookup.
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