[CentOS] distributed storage/home-made cloud recommendations

Sat Feb 4 23:48:58 UTC 2012
nux at li.nux.ro <nux at li.nux.ro>

Boris Epstein writes:

>> Hello Boris,
>> I'm in a similar search for a scalable and resilient solution. So far I
>> like
>> glusterfs, relatively easy to setup, no meta-server required, decent
>> performance, but I haven't tested it thoroughly. Been playing with their
>> latest beta release in a raid0+1 setup; haven't managed to lose any data
>> yet.
>> I'll also be interested in opinions from other people.
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> Nux,
> Thanks for your response. I have looked into glusterfs and I like it too. I
> just haven't found the hardware to try it on.

I "tested" it on 4 VMs.. The performance was crap as expected, but wanted to 
see how it behaves when I suddenly remove a node from the setup and so on.
(it went well, the setup froze for a second but after that kept working at 
normal parameters)

> What is RAID0+1? The flat RAID with one parity disk?

No, I should've rephrased this, I meant the likes of raid10, of course, in 
Glusterfs "speak". Basically I had 2 pairs of replicated nodes and files 
stripped across all this.
I even ran a VM on top of this VM based glusterfs setup.. not the speediest 
VM, but was usable. :-)