[CentOS] schily tools

Mon Feb 6 18:46:17 UTC 2012
Dennis Clarke <dclarke at blastwave.org>

> Hey folks,
> I'm reading up on gtar for tape archiving and it sounds kind of nasty and
> not something I really want to rely on.
> It looks like star from the schily tools is preferred.  I'm using Centos
> (and RHEL) 5.7 which seems to have star but not sdd.
> Which leads me to believe that the Schily tools are maybe a bit "rogue"
> My basic requirement with what I'm doing is to use standard tools and
> formats so that archives I write today can be readable in 10 years.
> Is the use of Schily tools going to be contrary to my basic requirement?
> Is that considered a risk for future readability?

Use star like so :

   star -c -p -acl -sparse -dump -fs=32m -fifostats -time \
   -C /some_dir  dir1 dir2 dir3 file=/dev/rmt/0mbn

or something like that will work like a charm and be POSIX spec compliant.
That means you can still read it in 20 years .. if the tape survives.


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