[CentOS] about major version upgrades

Tue Feb 7 15:07:08 UTC 2012
Ross Walker <rswwalker at gmail.com>

On Feb 7, 2012, at 7:58 AM, Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org> wrote:

> The purpose for having enterprise software is so that you can get a
> return on your investment and use your code for 7 years (for CentOS
> versions before CentOS-4 ... now 10 years in post CentOS-5).  But
> keeping things for that period of time means that when you do need to
> upgrade, the "differences" are much harder and the changes are usually
> much bigger for a given package.

For this reason it is often better to upgrade more frequently then every 7-10 years. Personally I have a 5 year max lifetime for my systems. Even then upgrades are painful and we try to stagger these so they all aren't due to upgrade at once.