[CentOS] python26-memcached on centOS 5.5

Thu Feb 9 12:40:21 UTC 2012
Anand Jeyahar <Anand.Jeyahar at demandmedia.com>

   Is anyone here running memcached + python2.6 + django setup on a CentOS 5.5?? Am trying to set one up here and have trouble with the python26-memcached installation.
So far i have installed (via yum):

      2. python26-memcached
      3. libevent
      4. memcached-devel

   Now when i try to run `import memcache`  from the python2.6 shell i get an ImportError: No module named memcache.
The python26 installation picks up other modules(django etc..) fine. So there's no configuration problem from python26 interpreter.

I am not able to figure out the problem. Any ideas/suggestions? Is building from source my only way out??

Thanks and Regards

Thanks and Regards
Anand Jeyahar
Senior Systems Analyst,
CSSCorp Pvt. Ltd.,
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