[CentOS] advice on bind/dns and many sites

Fri Feb 10 05:52:11 UTC 2012
nux at li.nux.ro <nux at li.nux.ro>

Bob Hoffman writes:

> hi all,
> currently my websites are sharing one server, also having bind running 
> on that server for all of them.
> I am now breaking the sites on to different machines.
> So what would you do on bond/dns?
> I was thinking of making two servers as nameservers, one master, one 
> slave, for all my domains.

I'd make 3, one master and 2 slaves, keep the master behind a strict 
firewall, let the slaves face the public internet. 

> For resolution of the server itself I was originally going to make a 
> recursive caching nameserver for the domains to go to.
> However, instead I was thinking of running bind as a caching server on 
> each websites machine, with a couple extra points to online servers like 
> googles (,

If you don't have privacy issues you can use google's. There's also Level3: See which gives you lower latency.

> I was hoping to limit cpu/mem needs by putting the recursive/caching on 
> a separate machine, but perhaps it is better to put it on each machine.

No need to run a dns server on each machine; run a couple of caches in your 
network and it should be enough; maybe use google/level3 as a tertiary 
nameserver, just in case.