[CentOS] Anyone already tried to backport the latest ASPM kernel patch to 6.2?

Mon Feb 13 01:09:11 UTC 2012
Michael Lampe <lampe at gcsc.uni-frankfurt.de>

Michael Lampe wrote:

>> Iirc to enable ASPM on Fedora the kernel must be booted with
>> pcie_aspm=force. Maybe you need to use that option too? For more info
>> see:
>> http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=linux_aspm_solution&num=1
> That's no general solution. It may work, but (e.g.) it doesn't work for
> me on my Thinkpad X301. There are side-effects.
> The idea of the upstream patch is to mimic Windows:
>   >  With 3.2.5 "ASPM disabled" means: When the ACPI says ASPM is
>   >  disabled Linux will leave it alone, which is what Windows is
>   >  doing. The assumption is that explicitly disabling ASPM is more
>   >  problematic than doing nothing."
> (Copied somewhere from LKML.)


The point is: we are in a grey zone here. "pcie_aspm=force" is one 
extreme, the current default behaviour being the other one (explicit 
disabling!). The BIOS sets up something in-between and then says on 
inquiry: "Never did I do anything! I'm not responsible!".