[CentOS] Dovecot problems

Mon Feb 13 12:41:56 UTC 2012
Peter Peltonen <peter.peltonen at gmail.com>


On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 2:35 PM, Steve Campbell <campbell at cnpapers.com> wrote:
>>> If so, does anyone have a pretty good link to how to make dovecot
>>> function using the old Centos pop/imap scheme? Should I try and convert
>>> the old mbox files to another format or destination to make this work?
>> See http://wiki.dovecot.org/MailLocation
> I reviewed that quite a bit during the night. I guess I need to read up
> on dovecot's definitions, since that INBOX parameter kept throwing me.
> There really isn't an INBOX to a pop account's mbox, but there is on our
> imap scheme. So I might have been trying to force the issue.

I would recommend using Maildir format instead of mbox format. Maildir
seems to be the default for most IMAP servers these days.

At least for me Horde + Dovecot (using Maildirs) works nicely.

If you cannot get your setup working I would also recommend posting
your problem in the Dovecot emailing list, which I've heard being
active and helpful.