[CentOS] QEMU configuration not persistent

Wed Feb 15 07:33:36 UTC 2012
Florian La Roche <Florian.LaRoche at gmx.net>

> After that, I'd get more drastic:
> 1. virsh shutdown $DOM.
> 2. virsh dumpxml $DOM > /tmp/dom.xml
> 3. virsh undefine $DOM
> 4. virsh create /tmp/dom.xml
> 5. virsh edit $DOM
> 6. virsh start $DOM --console
> And then see if things get better.

I just edit the xml files and then issue a "virsh define <file.xml>"
to reload the newest version. (Doing this with the VM shutdown.)

This has always worked ok for me.

best regards,

Florian La Roche