[CentOS] yum update stuck...

Fri Feb 17 19:17:11 UTC 2012
Mike Burger <mburger at bubbanfriends.org>

> On 10/02/12 10:50, John Doe wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Running Transaction
>>    Updating       : selinux-policy
>>     1/6
>>    Updating       : kmod-r8168
>>     2/6
>> Working. This may take some time ...
>> An hour later, still working...
> Wow. These kmods can take quite some time to update/install in yum,
> hence the informational message, but I've not yet seen one take an hour!
> How many kernels do you have installed as time is proportional to the
> number of kernels the module has to install against. Is it a
> particularly slow/old system, maybe short on memory?
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I don't recall, now, if I've replied to this thread or not, but...

I ran into a similar issue a few weeks ago...it turned out that I was
having an issue with my /tmp filesystem (at least)...I couldn't even
perform an orderly shutdown -r.

I wound up hard booting, during which /tmp was fsck'd, clearing a fair
number of orphaned inodes, and my yum update ran just fine after that.

Just a thought.

Mike Burger

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