[CentOS] smartd and smartctl

Fri Feb 17 20:36:21 UTC 2012
Andrzej Szymański <szymans at agh.edu.pl>

W dniu 2012-02-17 21:25, m.roth at 5-cent.us pisze:
> Mike Burger wrote:
> Ok, but my thinking was, first, that after the fsck, the system wouldn't
> try to write to the bad sector, thus not provoking smart. The more
> annoying thing is that I don't understand why smartctl doesn't give the
> same info as smartd. When I do a -a, it does tell me that one sector's
> pending, but not that there's any error.

Actually smartd is reporting THIS pending sector, and it probably won't 
stop until this sector is reallocated, which will happen on a nearest 
write to this sector.

As the location and contents of this sector are quite hard to find, the 
simplest, but the most troublesome way of solving the problem is moving 
all data away from this disk, writing the whole surface with zeros (dd) 
and moving the data back.

However, I would carefully monitor number of reallocated sectors on this 
disk. If it grows steadily, then better move your valuable data elsewhere.