[CentOS] Ways To Practice Breaking My System?

Tue Feb 21 15:05:02 UTC 2012
Warren Young <warren at etr-usa.com>

On 2/21/2012 1:45 AM, Alex Walker wrote:
> I've been looking into some ways to break a CentOS system so I can
> perform some simulated disaster recovery

Bring up a fresh CentOS 6.0 system.  Disable automatic updates.  Add a 
bunch of third-party software.  Install at least one bit of hardware so 
nonstandard you're forced to install a driver from source.  Then do all 
the system updates, and immediately reboot.

Ideally, nothing should break, because all the upgrades will have 
proceeded cleanly and migrated everything forward nicely.  Doesn't 
always happen.  The more third-party software and nonstandard hardware 
you throw into the mix, the more likely you will run across one of these 
corner cases.