[CentOS] Is there a way to _remove_ dependencies from an RPM built from source?

Sun Feb 26 20:57:11 UTC 2012
Michael Lampe <lampe at gcsc.uni-frankfurt.de>

Antonio da Silva Martins Junior wrote:

>     Have you tried to make a fake src.rpm package that "provides" this 'libfoo' and
> install it ? It didn't need to install anything just tell to the rpm library that it
> "provides" 'libfoo'.

Normally, I leave the building straightforward.

Of course, I can also climb to the roof, use the fire exit, arrive at 
the backyard and find my way out somehow from there.

>      Another way is to just force the install, but, doing it you will have some problems
> during updates.

Of course, I just do that. Since years, and there are no problems with 

Only with EL6 and the automatic 'yum ckeck' I'm getting pissed somehow:

** Found 11 pre-existing rpmdb problem(s), 'yum check' output follows:

	libcilkrts.so.5()(64bit), libifcoremt.so.5()(64bit), ...

I know that already!

So I was humbly asking for some trick here.

There must be some, even if Google didn't find me one.