[CentOS] Software RAID1 with CentOS-6.2

Wed Feb 29 01:59:39 UTC 2012
Ellen Shull <ellenshull at gmail.com>

On Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 5:27 PM, Kahlil Hodgson
<kahlil.hodgson at dealmax.com.au> wrote:
> Now I start to get I/O errors on printed on the console.  Run 'mdadm -D
> /dev/md1' and see the array is degraded and /dev/sdb2 has been marked as
> faulty.

I had a problem like this once.  In a heterogeneous array of 80 GB
PATA drives (it was a while ago), the one WD drive kept dropping out
like this.  WD's diagnostic tool showed a problem, so I RMA'ed the
drive...  only to discover the replacement did the same thing on the
system, but checked out just fine on a different system.  Turned out
to be a combination of a power supply with less-than-stellar
regulation (go Enermax...) and the WD was particularly sensitive to
it; nothing else in the system seemed to be affected  Replacing the
power supply finally eliminated the issue.