[CentOS] CentOS 6.2 Autofs stopped working

Wed Feb 1 17:24:53 UTC 2012
Reed, Ed <Ed.Reed at lsi.com>

Seems that autofs in 6.2 stopped working like it used to.

We use NIS and automount maps.

Primary map  auto.sf
ssdt            -fstype=autofs,rw   auto_ssdt

auto.ssdt map
scratch    -fstype=nfs,hard,intr gold:/vol/ssdt/scratch

So finding a path  such as /sf/ssdt/scratch has always worked and continues to work on non CentOS 6.2 machines.
This ability stopped with CentOS 6.2

CentOS 6.0  uses

CentOS 6.2 uses

The work around seems to be to remove autofs in CentOS 6.2
And do an rpm install of autofs from CentOS 6.0.

I presume it is a flaw upstream.
Anyone else observing this behavior?